The First European Erasmus Mundus Ph.D School in Astrophysics

High Level Courses
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Every year, all the students of a batch will be grouped in some of the organization partners to follow  the lectures mentioned above in a period of one month each. These sessions are unique occasions to create a spirit of school inside our Ph.D. even if the students will be working in various partner institutions for their respective research. In this way they are part of a group and the organization coordinator will coordinate the avaibility and movements of professors and students. During these month-long sessions, each student will present his personal research to the faculty and to the other students of the group.  This is also the occasion to discuss together to our organization and have the feedback from our students. 

New Scientists

The future scientists have to assume leadership role in new investigations in astronomy and astrophysics. To this effect, they will be trained to be skillful in writing and communicating.
We have the chance in our organization to have a leading observatory in Europe: Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur. This institution is  in contact also with the European Southern Observatory where the biggest telescope (VLT) and projects in astronomy (ALMA) are built. They have a great experience in managing projects. We want to develop a competence in leadership and project management through one month session of our PhD students in Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur. 
In astrophysical research there is a natural link between industry and research. The University of Ferrara has been a strong partner with industries in the aerospace sector, and so has been the Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur with a long tradition of collaboration with industries such as Aerospatiale and Thales. Similar activities have been promoted by the Tartu Observatory. All these  experiences will be shared with our students. 

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P.Chardonnet, R. Ruffini and D.Arnett in the European School on SNe

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Yu-Qing Lou, Felix Ryde and Kunihito Ioka in the European School on GRBs

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Ph.D students in our European School organized in Les Houches

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September 2013 : welcome to the new cycle in Villa Ratti (Nice)
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Murray Gell-Mann and Thibault Damour in our PhD Schools in Nice
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